26th Annual International Coastal Cleanup Saturday

by | Sep 17, 2011 | Environment

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Friends of the Liesbeek joined staff from the Plastics Federation in cleaning a stretch of beach outside the Lagoon Beach Hotel in Milnerton. Chester and Clemecia from Nature Conservation joined me as we did our little bit to help clean the oceans. I did not see or meet any other Friends at the beach so if you were there post a comment!

The event is organised by the Oceans Conservancy. Some pictures follow.

fol cleanup crew

Clemecia, Trev and Chester

plastic federation cleanup crew

The Plastics Federation Cleanup Crew at Lagoon Beach

We recorded the trash we picked up as best we could on the official sheet. There were really just too many pieces of plastic to count – thats why we have no food wrapper count. You will also notice hardly any plastic bottle and no glass bottle. I think this may be partially attributable to the fact that we were not the first to walk the stretch of beach and the bottles probably got picked up in the first pass!

We notice one item that was really high an not covered by the categories provided and that was what I first thought were lollipop sticks but later found to be earbud sticks! We counted both as one item although there were far more of the smaller earbud sticks.

Finally here is a picture from Google Earth showing the extent of the area we collected litter from. It is about 600m and we were at it for 90 minutes or so and collected two bags of rubbish weighing a bout 20kg combined and two tyres! Bear in mind the plastic is wet and has sand adhering to it so the weight of the rubbish would be considerably less.

lagoon beach

Location of the litter collection

For more information visit these sites

Plastics Federation

Oceans Conservancy

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