Special Projects

The focus of the LMP is to rehabilitate and restore the river’s ecological functioning, clean the riparian edge, manage and control alien invasive species whilst replanting with indigenous vegetation and enhancing the recreational and social value of the river and its trail. In light of this, the project continues to be a success as it constantly expands the scope of its work and thereby improves the overall health of the aquatic systems.

The management of the LMP, as well as the public interface, is undertaken by Project Manager, Conor Eastment, whilst the team continues to be supervised by the highly capable Mncekeleli Klaas. ABAX’s generous contributions continue to support the wages of the project manager, team supervisor and four of the remaining seven team members.

Project Successes in 2016

Over the past year, the LMP has built on previous successes as well as fostered existing relationships in furtherance of the pursuit of a healthier riverine environment. The LMP team’s constant presence on the river has become familiar with many river users as we continue to expand the reach and efficacy of the Project. We continue to encourage and foster a participative ethic with river users, as evidenced by the success of our social media platforms.

The focus of the LMP team in 2016 has mainly been in the middle and lower reaches of the river, with the predominant focus being on rehabilitation and engagement with previously uninvolved partners along the river.