What a waste of water!

A couple of weeks ago there was a leak at the entrance to Valkenburg. The leak sent water washing across the road, and creating a temporary lake next to the Liesbeek River.

The water ran the whole day before the maintenance crew from Valkenburg were able to shut it off. I twice spoke to the guards on duty about having the water shut off, only to be informed that there was only one maintenance man and he was busy with some other emergency.

Here is a picture of the lake that was formed.

This picture is of the repaired pipe. Notice the red collar that was clamped on to the pipe to repair the leak. Inset is the water gushing out.

Today, 2 weeks after the repair, there is still water tricking across the road. So it would seem the repair was not 100% successful.

Sadly there is also another leak about 100m away. Water is trickling across the road and creating a small marsh.

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