Visiting Student from USA develops River Survey

Sam Werner from Wisconsin State University, has spent the past 2 months working on various water related projects including one that will benefit our interests on the Liesbeek. Sam is a recipient of the Global Environmental Management Ambassador Program which has generously funded his time and expenses whilst in South Africa.

The survey defines stretches of the river in a simple but powerful tool that evaluates a specific stretch of the river. The information is placed into a scoring system that provides an comparisons on characteristics including water quality, habitat, management of the river banks and vegetation. His report is soon to be complete. We will publish the results on the website soon. The potential of the tool is exciting. It can be used without much training and might offer many other interest groups new ways of assessing rivers.

Sam Werner in action down the Liesbeek – a 5 hour survey walk in the river from Kirstenbosch to the confluence in Observatory

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