Obs Cleaning Day Project

Liesbeek River Cleaning

A Community Project


Project description


Monthly organized cleaning day of the Liesbeek River.

Clean the banks of the river and the water area as well, in a planned and safe manner.

Investment, by Ricardo Sá.

The money will guarantee that Ricardo Sá and four other people (at a rate of R 120-00 per person per day for a start) from the Liesbeek Maintenance project will be present, every first Saturday of the month starting in February or March 2013.

Everyone is welcome to take part in this initiative and it should be promoted via the Friends of Liesbeek River.

This is a long-term project because it covers a big water area, initially from N2 to Black River (Observatory).

It is initially only financially supported by Ricardo Sa but very soon we look into grabbing other financial support (from the community, from companies and from the City of Cape Town), men power (from the community, from companies and from the City of Cape Town) and necessary gear sponsorship (from the community, from companies and from the City of Cape Town).

Required guidance from Jason Mingo (Liesbeek Maintenance Project) in January 2012 and during the first cleaning days.

The initial area to be cleaned is from N2 to Black River, as suggested by Jason. The Liesbeek maintenance project already does a weekly cleaning from Sans Souci Road (Newlands) to the N2.

Later, this project can cover other areas of the Liesbeek River.


The material collected will be separated and recycled.


A report will be issued after each cleaning day to all concerned parties in order to create awareness and future funding opportunities.

Report Clean Day 01






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