Newlands Workshop

by | Aug 22, 2012 | Blog

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Workshop on the Liesbeek:

This workshop took place on Wednesday 29/08/2012

Location: the SA Breweries, Newlands, corner of Main Rd and Boundary Road.

Time: from 14h00 to 18h00.
The workshop started with a 1-hour tour of the SA Breweries , continued with a  walk along the river , and end with a structured discussion session at SAB Breweries.

Thank you Andrea from SAB for giving us an interesting tour of the Breweries.

Douglas February showed us the new well point on the Breweries site and answered our questions regarding future developments on the Breweries site. We trust that the dialogue between the Breweries, the Friends of the Liesbeek and residents will continue to be open and positive.

The walk along the Liesbeek highlighted the many issues arising from encroaching on the river’s banks by properties and businesses. We discussed how awareness could be raised to encourage residents and businesses to value the river.

Much work has been done on the river in this area by the Liesbeek Maintenance Team in restoring the river banks. The wild ginger has been removed and the banks replanted with indigenous vegetation. In the vicinity of Newlands Pool this has been especially successful and the new plans for the the pool must preserve the work done already.

The workshop ended with an informal discussion and drinks in the Breweries pub – thanks, Andrea!

Many thanks to all who participated!

The Liesbeek River behind Newlands swimming pool

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