Dead Vegetation Along Liesbeek Parkway

It came to the attention of the Friends of the Liesbeek that there was a growing concern from residents in Observatory of the increased growth of Indian shot (Canna indica) along the river bank next to the Liesbeek Parkway, opposite Valkenberg Hospital ground. This plant had completely invaded the whole river bank, allowing little else to grow amongst it and providing cover for people wanting to partake in certain anti-social behaviour. This added cover also provided shelter for a number of vagrants, many of whom were found to be hostile to people walking their dogs or simply enjoying the space next to the river.

To try and combat these issues, the Friends of the Liesbeek together with the department of City Parks, devised a plan whereby the Indian shot would be treated with a herbicide and then cleared away once it had died. The herbicide used was found to have great success on indian shot along the Lourens River, which is also undergoing rehabilitation.

The Friends of the Liesbeek is now actively involved in having the dead vegetation removed from this area and getting various agencies to play their part in re-planting the area with indigenous vegetation. However, during this time we ask you to please bear with us as the area will look brown and barren for the next couple of months.

Should you have any further queries or want any further information regarding the project, please contact


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