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Dear Friends

I regret not writing more frequently to the membership. While the intention is always there, it is difficult to keep the discipline when faced with many other demands on my time. Since our last newsletter, the committee has worked hard on various projects: keeping an eye on the river; participating in the development of the double storey parking area at Rondebosch Fountain shopping centre; and maintaining the River Maintenance Project. Please join us at the forthcoming AGM on 7th May. See details below


Kevin Winter


Chairman Kevin Winter and thecolourful FOL banner

The Friends have participated in consulting the developers of the double storey parking area at Rondebosch Fountain shopping centre.
While the process has not been easy for us as an Interested and Affected Party, we are optimistic that the development will lead to an improved pathway along the river and will feature an indigenous garden. Thus far the contractors have been careful to avoid spillages and rubble falling into the river. We think they are keeping to this commitment. If you use this area (although best to avoid for the while!) please keep a look out for us as well and do inform us if you see anything untoward. While we have impressed on the project managers that the river cannot be polluted during construction, it does make a mockery of the situation when the flower sellers continue to dump their dirty water and litter into the river no more than 40 m upstream of the project.


While photos like the one above capture the ‘caught in the act’ scene, there seems little that can be done about it for now.


The scene above hardly looks like something from the Liesbeek River, but it is indeed. This photo was taken along the upper reaches of the river in the Boschenheuwel Arboretum. These wetlands are within 50 metres of the stream.


An unpleasant scene at the Observatory end of the river, immediately downstream of the N2 bridge. The surface water is covered with plastic litter and a brown scum. The English Weeping Willow trees obstruct the flow so that material accumulates here during the low flow period (photo taken in April 2008).


One of the most glorious pictures of the Liesbeek taken in the Boschenheuwel Arboretum in September 2007

From Otter Spotter
It is not unusual to find dead carp in the river, but when it is a fully developed fish in pond opposite Rhodes Office Park in Mowbray, one has to wonder how it got there.

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