A FOL update

The Friends of the Liesbeek are often mistaken as the authority wrt to the environmental management of the Liesbeek. Perhaps, it is an honor for this small donor funded organisation to be recognized as such having worked tirelessly for over 20 years looking after the Liesbeek and it’s environs, especially so with the introduction of a full-time Liesbeek Maintenance Project (LMP) “Dream team” some 11 years or so ago. The team rely on a dictated team of volunteers whom secure funding for their operations and remuneration, and of late like most NPOs have found us facing funding challenges during the Covid 19 pandemic. However, having secured the trust of the public and assistance from several City of Cape Town government departments which have unique but similar interests and perspectives, particularly in relation to the pursuit of sustainability. Our collaboration efforts have allowed us a comprehensive appreciation of environmental challenges and encouraged each other to use our expertise and exchange resources to achieve our sustainability goals. It is through these collaborations that a real difference can be made. I would like to take my hat of to all stake holders more so our sponsors, the various city departments such as Recreation and Parks, Catchment and Storm Water Management Branch, Cape Town Invasive Species, Residence Associations and not forgetting the CIDs and sister organisations as well as the many volunteers that dedicate their time working along the Liesbeek. On behalf of the “Dream Team” thank you friends. Below are a few photos appreciating our relationships. To find out how you can contribute to our cause be it through your time or donations please visit www.fol.org.za

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