Raising awareness about Cape Town’s rivers

This is an adventure that no one else has done or at least in recent times using Cape Town’s waterways as the route. Kevin Winter (current Chair of the Friends) is kayaking from False Bay to Table Bay on 23 May together with 3 other wildcats. The idea is to raise awareness about the state of Cape Town’s rivers. A film and media crew will accompany the team. Various environmental groups will meet the paddlers along the way to talk about rivers and to take some water samples. See the proposed route map attached. More details to follow.

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5 Responses to Raising awareness about Cape Town’s rivers

  1. Phil McLean says:

    Good work, guys!
    Topical stuff – Carte Blanche just ran an horrific piece on the terrible state of rivers in Cape Town (Sunday 16 May 2010)! Well worth getting a copy of to add to the arsenal.
    All the best – we’ll be watching!

  2. Sharon Bosma says:

    Brilliant idea to do this, film it, and show us all. And yes, it’s good timing with the recent Carte Blanche doccie on the very worrying state of our rivers. Let’s make sure the Premier, the Minister of Water Affairs and others get a copy of the CD.

  3. Louis de Villiers says:

    Go Kevin! Wish I could have joined you. We should turn this into a regular event. The people want not only to take back their streets, but also their rivers for now and for our children.

  4. Catherine Ritchie (WESSA) says:

    Good luck Kevin – will be supporting you at the bridge. I would love to join you next time. Don’t fall in!

  5. Hi Kevin, Sadly I was away for a week so missed seeing you in action. I hope your tetanus shots were up to date prior to embarking on your voyage. It’s a great idea and will hopefully serve as a spur for all Capetonians to clean up these rivers to a condition where everyone could enjoy their use safely and undertake your journey. I agree with Louis’s suggestion that we try and make this an annual sporting event, maybe even a race. It could serve as a massive awareness builder for the plight of our cities rivers. Congratulations again, Anthony.

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