Flamboyant Flamingos grace the Liesbeek

The developments, by Friends of the Liesbeek with the City of Cape Town, to allow flood waters easier access to the pans situated at Raapenberg Wetland, have not only assisted and benefited the community in flood alleviation but have also benefited the wider bird community. The rapid, torrential rain received on the 17th of April, allowed the Liesbeek River to spill into and subsequently inundate the wetland’s pans, creating a safe haven for a variety of bird species. The most talked about has to be the Greater Flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus), who have found the wetlands to be a fine roosting ground. Other bird species include the Great White Pelican, Grey Heron, Pied and Malachite Kingfishers, Yellow-billed Duck and Cape Teal to name but a few.

Work done by the Liesbeek Maintenance Project and the Kader Asmal River Cleaning Project to ensure the encroachment of reeds is kept at bay, has allowed for greater visibility to the various areas of the wetland. Both the South African Astronomical Observatory and River Club Golf Course offer bird hides with views over the wetland. We ask that you simply check with security at either establishment to gain access.

Happy birding!

The flooded pans at Raapenberg Bird Sanctuary.

The flooded pans at Raapenberg Bird Sanctuary.

Greater Flamingos taking time off

Greater Flamingos taking time off


Pelicans among many other species making use of the wetland

Pelicans among many other species making use of the wetland


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4 Responses to Flamboyant Flamingos grace the Liesbeek

  1. trev says:

    Wow this is amazing. I drive that streh twice a day and I did not notice them there – but I will be on the lookout in future

  2. Kevin says:

    Great to see – these flamingos are our best PR and marketing guys. Hope they stay. Just a heads up – access to the Observatory is not possible without a call to management of the Observatory, then clearing this with the Security Company etc. Its a mission! We need to find an easier way for the public to enjoy the wonderful scene that is unfolding at the Raapenberg wetland.

  3. Hi there! Just had to share my excitement with you guys. I have just seen an otter crossing over the bridge at the River Club! Have there been any otter sightings before and are they common along the Liesbeek? I would never have expected to see an otter along the Liesbeek!

  4. Admin (Trev) says:

    Hi Kyro

    That is exciting news indeed.

    While not exactly common there are otters all along the length of the Liesebeek. An otter was recently capture on a camera trap in Newlands and we have also had reports of a pair residing in the Oude Molen precinct.

    Observant residents living on the river will also see tell tale signs such as paw prints, scat and crab shells.

    We have just bought a camera trap and hopefully we will capture some more pictures of otters and other wildlife.

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