Liesbeek in all its Glory

Here are some images of the Liesbeek River after the heavy rains we received on the 07th June 2012. The following pictures give you an idea of what the “normal” state of the river compared to the recent increased in water levels and flooding we had on the 07th of June.

The river, which is only slightly visible from the trail, behind WP rugby offices

The area behind WP offices nearly bursting its banks

Normal flow of river next to Rouwkoop Bridge in Rondebosch

River in "flood" at Rouwkoop Bridge on the 7th of June 2012

Section of bank in Observatory opposite the Wild Fig

Same section of bank where the river has burst its banks

Wetland next to river opposite Hartleyvale

The wetland now flooded because of the river bursting its banks

River bank in Observatory also opposite the Wild Fig

The result of clearing vegetation allows the Liesbeek to burst its banks more naturally

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